Welcome to the PED training area for PED personnel ad clients.  The PED advanced course originally written to check the knowledge of our own inspectors before going into the field, is now a formal course which not only covers the general provisions of the 2014/68/EU Directive but looks deeply into the Essential Requirements. Developed in 18 Units, it will require approximately 10-12 hours to complete. It has mini-quizzes on the main sections and a final exam for which successful candidates will receive a certificate from HPiVS.

For full access you'll need to create a new account HERE; for each course you'll receive a one-time "enrolment" from the tutor. Please ask to sample the training material. More info here http://www.eucertification.com/training-courses

Applicable rates for 2024: for existing HPiVS clients and associates:  € 345 + VAT;  € 475 + VAT for all other candidates. Discounts are available for multiple candidates from the same company.

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    A free taster of our PED 2014/68/EU course

    Course of 18 units including final 25-question quiz on Unit 18 (passing rate > 70%)